How To Run A Happiness Circle


1. Everyone sits in a circle.

2. Zapper explains the objective of the Happiness Circle (if there are any new members).

3. Zapper creates a safe environment by stating that everything that is being shared are strictly confidential.

4. Everyone shares (reads) 10 posting from RESET App’s saved ‘Post’**. The Zapper will start the session by reading post which consist of both:

5. When someone has nothing much to read from, they will realize that, they need to be more aware in Reseting before coming for the next Happiness Circle meet. By doing so, they are repeatedly programming their sub-conscious mind towards ‘What they want’

6. Once everyone completes the reading session, Zapper will start WIFLE as stipulated in the below “Guidelines & Steps on ‘How to’ Conduct a WIFLE in Happiness Circle”.

7. The Zapper asks everyone to Zap one person by “Tell a friend”

8. Team meets again after 2 weeks and repeats Step 1, 2 & 3. The moderator is to set the next meeting time and date. It is ideal to have the meeting on the same day and time.

9. Once the group size reaches 10 members, new group is to be established with one of the member taking lead as a Zapper.

10. The Zappers need to update The LOA club on the details of the next meeting in order for new members to participate at their location.


** Posts is located at profile page of the RESET App.